Viridian Green Laser C5L and C5 vs Crimson Trace Red Laser just returned home from my local outdoor gun range after an hour of shooting my WP22 with a Viridian Green Laser under the barrel.  I am always excited to go to the range, and having the WP22 (.22 cal) allows me to shoot for an hour for only a couple dollars.  The Viridian really makes the experience better then shooting with open sights.  I cannot wait to put the Viridian C5L or C5 on my WP22 when it arrives in stores.  The Universal Compact Green Laser light combo will be the perfect firearm accessory for your compact handguns.  I also cannot wait to write a review for the Veridian C5 or C5L.  The green laser really allows me to see how much I am moving my gun before and during the trigger pull.  Without the laser I would never see how much I was jerking my gun during the trigger pull.  The great thing about this trip was the guy next to me had a Crimson Trace Laser on his S&W Compact MP .40 cal.  This gave me a great opportunity to see the red and green lasers next to each other.  The difference in performance between the Viridian Green Laser and Crimson Trace was like replacing the batteries in your flashlight just before the old ones died.  I also felt like the guy at the stop light driving a corvette who challenges the station wagon to a drag race.  We were shooting outside and the light in the range was pretty bright.  He was having a lot of difficulty hitting the target with the red laser, so I ask him if he wanted to shoot my Walther P22 with the Viridian Green Laser.  After watching the green laser move off the target during the trigger pull, we could visually see how bad he was jerking the trigger.  He then allowed me to shoot his S&W. The Veridian green laser gave us immediate feedback. He believed his laser was not sighted in correctly, and he wanted to take his laser to a gunsmith for adjustment.  He thought he might have over adjusted the Crimson Trace.   I tried his Crimson Trace red laser and the red was visible, but very hard to see it move off the target.  I fired a couple shots and lined the red laser up with the iron sights, and everything looked dead on.  I recommended not taking the laser in for adjustment, but for him to work on his trigger pull.  In my opinion he would be wasting his money.  He needed to work on a smooth trigger pull.  The Red laser outside was not bright enough for him to see it deflect off the paper in an outside high light scenario.  He was very impressed with the Viridian, and I told him that the Compact Green Laser from Viridian was coming out soon, and it would be a perfect addition to his weapon.  I told him to look for the Viridian C5 or C5L compact green laser.


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2 Responses to “Viridian Green Laser C5L and C5 vs Crimson Trace Red Laser”

  1. Danny Shine Says:

    Hi There!

    I have just ordered 2 – Off Viridian X5L lasers that I expect to arrive in Australia shortly. The feedback on the net suggests that these lasers are a very worthwhile investment. Your blog is exactly what I thought they were capable of prior to ordering and I’m looking forward to correcting numerous poor pistol shooting techniques with these lasers. Will let you know how I go.


    Danny Shine (Danny’s Gunmithing Service)

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